Our Top Ten reasons to sling at Christmas

baby-21971_1920Using a sling is a rather nifty way of getting both your hands back and they can come into their own at Christmas. I have spent lots of time explaining the benefits to carrying. After all carrying is the biological norm for humans. This post is simply wanting to focus on the reasons why at Christmas it is just as useful .


Still image of dis-allowed goal.  (192)Quality time with Dad or other care givers allowing them to bond. The benefit of the holidays is that for most there is an extended period of time off work, giving them the time to spend with their little ones.

Easier to manoeuvre around the crowds when Christmas  shopping. Two free hands to hold the bags too.

bottle feeding in r&rAllows you to keep a close eye on their feeding cues and being responsive to their feeding needs, whether breast or bottle fed,  by keeping them close.


Eat a meal. My best friend ate Christmas Dinner with my Godson in a stretchy at 3 weeks old. IMG_0067Only one small drop of gravy on him.

Leaves you more room in the car for presents etc if you are travelling. No need to pack a big pram.






You can still enjoy social events while you enjoy the festivities.

Prevent baby from getting over stimulated/tired or stop them from being passed around like a parcel for everyone to have a quick cuddle. Or help stop well meaning friends and family members from touching their face and spreading germs.

Safe place to sleep for naps if baby won't settle in a strange place.
Leaves you with two hands to care for other children

Cook the Christmas Dinner – although please be careful when cooking that little hands can’t grab handles etc.

christmas cooking

What are you top reasons to use a sling at Christmas? What would you add to our list?