Wallaby Babywearing Coat Review

Wallaby Babywearing Coat Review  by Wombat&Co London

As you can imagine my email inbox has daily offers sent to it. Most of them go in the bin but when I received an email Carmen at Wombat&Co with details of the Wallaby Babywearing Coat something made me want to find out more. The fact it was freezing cold made the faux fur lining stand out even more. 


The Wallaby Coat is designed to be suitable as maternity and babywearing coat until your baby is “ready to face the world on her own” (Wombat&Co). It can also be worn as a normal winter coat – part of the reason it appealed to me. It has been designed to be suitable for everyday use. The coat like many babywearing coats consists of the main coat part and a zip in panel to turn it into a maternity or babywearing coat. This panel can be zipped into the bank of coat for back carries. This can be synched around baby or bump. The Wallaby has deep open pockets which were big enough for me to put my phone, gloves and car keys securely. The retail price is £115 and thus on a par with most babywearing coats, and roughly the price I paid for my last pre-baby winter coat (pre-baby days…what are they?). 


The body panel of the coat has an adjustable waist to help create a snugger extenuating my waist. The sample I was sent is a large (UK size 14) and although a little roomy for me it meant I was able to accommodate Isaac (3.5 years). Without using the draw string waist it did feel too big on me. If I was buying myself one I would be a Small or Medium. The outer shell of coat is made from 100% cotton 9oz twill and lining acrylic (100%). It is water repellant and wind resistant. It has been extremely wet here over last few weeks and I have not wanted to try it in the heavy rain but it was more than shower proof. It also kept us very warm when it was snowing heavily. 


I know babywearing coats are popular with those who like to tandem carry. Currently it is not possible to readily buy additional panels to add to coat. Intrigued to see if it would fit I found that the standard Makemybellyfit zip in panel uses the same zip as the Wallaby and did fit. If buying this coat I would recommend asking Wombat&Co if it is possible to buy additional panels.

What did I like about the Wallaby?

The hood – I felt like little red riding hood. The fur lining kept my ears warm and it is an attractive and feminine shape. Function is definitely not lost over style. I can also be removed completely if necessary.

The lining – This gave the coat a warm and luxurious feeling. It is made from 100% acrylic but is extremely soft. It didn’t want to take coat off and may actually of sat inside wearing it when I could not get warm.

The collar – Trying to keep your neck warm is usually the hardest part with using coats to carry baby. The need for extra scarf can add little risk but I love the fact this coat came with a detachable collar that can be worn with or without baby.

What would I change?

I loved the blue contrasting faux fur lining. It also comes in a rose/brown combination. A couple of the mums who have tried the coat would prefer something a little less obvious. I’d love to be able to make this a coat capable of tandem carries by giving the option to buy additional panels. I did find that the lining was catching in zip but Wombat&Co have confirmed that the final coats are made with a different zip to the sample I was sent and do not catch now. They have also made the arms a little thicker so that they are as warm as the rest of the coat. I would have liked to have been able to tighten the coat around my wrists (Velcro etc) as my current coat does but the flat cuffs of the coat mean this is not an option.

Overall opinions

Overall I really liked this coat and have enjoyed the opportunity to try it. The very warm but wet Christmas period meant I did not get to try as often as I liked but I was glad it was here when it was snowing, and I had to accompany my eldest on the school charity Santa walk; keeping both Isaac and I toasty. If I was pregnant or had a small baby, I think this would be on my birthday list. The fact it can be worn without the maternity/babywearing panel, means it would be able to become a staple of my wardrobe. 


Product details

The Wallaby coat is made by Wombat and Co. London. You can currently buy this coat via their website if you are in the UK and they have several retailers in Spain.  The current RRP of the coat is £114.90. It is available in two colour ways and 4 sizes.

All views are my own and no financial incentive was made for this review.

2 thoughts on “Wallaby Babywearing Coat Review

  1. Mirjam Toldam Thomson says:

    hey … Thank you for you review 😀 I am thinking about buying this sort of jacket from wombat & co. I carry my 3 year old on the back often … he is not a very big 3 year old. do you think be will fit even if I get a medium … which is my standard size?
    all the best

    • neslinglibrary says:

      Hi Mirjam. My little boy was 3 in the photos and he was petite. I know they were planning some slight changes so worth double checking the size with them but it fitted us both comfortably.

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