6 hours later – located! Help us find our slings! Reward Offered!

Just wanted to give a little update and say thank you. The original post below has been shared so many times it is unbelievable and within 6 hours both missing carriers have been located and should be rejoining the library shelves shorlty.

Good afternoon world. I’m getting desperate and I need your help. I am proud of how big my library has got. The financial cost of growing it has been huge. Slings do come to natural end of their hireable life and get replaced. Some come back damaged and need to be retired if they cannot be repaired (eg missing accessories v a hole). This is ok. This is normal.

The problem I have is that 2 carriers have gone AWOL. I have no record of them being hired recently and I know both were returned. We have made ‘switch’ from Google Form and Wunderlist to MyTurn and it was in making this switch that I worked out they had disappeared. Both are expensive carriers. The first is a Standard Tula Baby Carrier (Parker) and the other a Toddler Size Connecta Baby Carrier in the Geo Birds print. Geo Birds was made in limited numbers and never made it onto the Connecta website.

I am offering a reward of £20 per carrier for safe return. I think they have been hired but as I have no evidence of who too, I can’t ask them. If you have them on loan the £20 can be returned in cash, sling hire fees or for a 60 minute  consultation.Geo Birds The same, if you don’t have it on loan, but are able to track it down. I have tried posting photos of both to our Facebook page and on Twitter. I have gone through my records, contacting the last to have on hire, checked ebay/gumtree and FSOT boards without success.

Tula Parker was only launched in June 2015 and we were lucky enough to be able to purchase it from http://www.sling-spot.co.uk in September 2015. The Connecta Baby Carrier Toddler Geo Birds was added to the library in August 2015 after the Natural Mamas Big Camp. Please help us to find them.

If you can help please email me at rachel@northeastslinglibrary.co.uk or contact us via our Facebook Page.

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