5 years of helping the NE to carry their babies big and small

5wordyNESL is 5 today!! Let’s celebrate. I’d like to wish a very happy birthday to Roamy of South East Slings (formerly East Sussex Slings) as we are birthday twins, launching our libraries on the same day. Happy Birthday to Mummy Roo of Slumber Roo, one of the largest supporters of NESL, and of course my Grandad, who today is 91 years young! We are off to Miss Tina’s shortly for our monthly drop in. I am sure we will eat lots of cake to celebrate.


Thank you everyone who shared their photos. I also had a peak back through our archives. Thought I would share some of the feedback I have received over the last 5 years too. Your support over the past 5 years has been amazing, and your messages over the past couple of days since I announced the changes which are happening from September has really warmed my heart.

NESL has allowed me to make some amazing friends. It has helped others make friends too. Here is what Kirsty said when I asked for reasons why you like NESL.

I’m sure people will have plenty to say about slings but I wanted to say how grateful I am for the friendships it’ll had brought me. I cam guarantee nearly everyone who walks through the door is there because they parent with a similar mindset to me. The first time I met Carla was at a sling library masterclass and so when we bumped into each other again, we knew we had common ground and formed a friendship. She’s now one of my best friends!

And what Suzie said

NESL helped me at a time in my life I was suffering from severe anxiety following the birth of baby Theo. It allowed me plenty of skin to skin, to continue our breastfeeding journey, walk the dog and build up an incredible bond with my son. I’ve met some amazing people through here too ❤️

Thanks again x

Maria is a mum to twins and a new baby. This is what she had to say:

I never carried my twins but I am now a big baby wearing advocate. Slings have helped us immensely as a family with the arrival of our little girl to continue with activities as normally as possible. From picking the older ones up from school or attending rugby matches to making the tea, going for an outing or big family occasions slings have been a godsend. Ofcourse slings have also ensured we have had a happy and contented baby most of the time! Thank you to NESL and a fantastic baby wearing consultant for making all this possible!

Over the past few years I have kept all the thank you cards I have received. Here are just a selection of them. These plus the emails and messages to page each make me smile. I never started NESL for thank yous but they do make me warm and fuzzy.

Here are some of the feedback I have received since I started NESL.

From Judith: “Looking forward to coming to see you again tomorrow and to tell you how babywearing has changed my life. Been telling everyone who asks about your wonderful library”.

From Natasha: “Thank you very much for your help this morning. Can’t wait to get out and about :-)”

From Laura: “I love how accessible and flexible the NESL is. Living 45 mins away with 2 young children means its not possible for me to get to meets. Being able to arrange hire through Facebook and post has been invaluable to me. I have been using the sling library for almost 3 years and really value all the advice Rachel has given me over this time – I am very grateful! Happy Birthday NESL!”

From Amy: “Visited the sling library for the first time with my little one today and was introduced to a cosy caboo! Can’t wait to try it out! I think little Hollie is going to love it”

From Rachel: “I love the NESL, without it I’m not sure I could have coped with a reflux baby and two under 2. It’s ensured our adventures out and about continue what ever the terrain. Plus, squish sling cuddles are the best.”

From Gemma: “Ben in the inbetween size R&R that i would never have even contemplated buying without the help of the sling library. Thank you very much”.

Thank you everyone for making NESL as big and as strong as it is. Here is to the year ahead.

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