What happens on a peer support course?

14731221_785801221562317_8904589783781649452_nToday I have spent a lovely day enjoying the company of three inspiring women and their adorable babies teaching a peer support course for Born to Carry. I have shared posts written by colleagues before about why I teach these courses but wanted to write again as they always fill me with joy.

Each course I teach is unique and the same in equal measure. The content is consistent but the participants are not. Each brings their own carrying history, back ground and expertise to the course. Every course I teach covers: babywearing safety, FWCC, PWCC, ring slings, buckles and Mei Tais, as well as theory units on Why Sling and the role as a peer supporter. There is also the option of completing a post course assignment. We talk about properties of wrapping, prices of slings, we try to work out what is safe, what isn’t, how do you make a high street carrier more comfortable, we talk about what makes carriers so individual to the wearer but we do it with a smile on our faces and a good amount of laughter. It is hard work but there are plenty of opportunities to rest, take stock, make notes etc.

Today there were 3 ladies who completed the course, however, I have taught groups as large of 13. Each course builds on the one before. I take elements that went well, didn’t work so well and rework how I teach and what I teach to make the course even better.

Being a Babywearing Peer Supporter is an important role. Families will look to you to give them support and guidance or to direct them to more specialist help. You may be the first port of call. You may be an enthusiastic amateur sling user, a HCP, or simply want to know more. Have you considered it? Would you like to know more? You can email me (btc@northeastslinglibrary.co.uk) or complete the contact form below to ask any questions you may have  or visit or website to find out more.

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