Change is as good as a holiday they say. 

Hi everyone. In July I wrote to say that I was off back to the world of work and as such sling library sessions would need to change a little. Well I have survived a half term. Well I survived the first half term unscathed but laryngitis has hit at the start of the second. However, work means more changes are afoot. I have been asked to do additional hours 3 afternoons per week. I am very happy to be asked to do this. I am loving my new role.

So what’s changing? Well I am going to be working all day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in addition to the 5 mornings already doing. From December the 2 sessions currently held on a Monday and Tuesday are going to be moved. The online calendar has been updated to show new dates.

Ace Playce, Killingworth will be moving to the 1st Friday of the month 130-3.

Miss Tina’s, Washington will be moving to the 2nd Friday of the month.

The remaining sessions remain unchanged. One to One appointments will now only be available on a Thursday (not 1st Thursday of month) and 3rd and 4th Friday’s of the month, and weekends/evenings by arrangement.

The cancelled Tesco Consett session has been rearranged for Thursday 10th November. Apologises for having to cancel but my voice isn’t up to talking.

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