Henry’s Hogs and Isaac’s Dogs.

Depending on when in my carrying journey people have met me will effect what sling they associate me with. I have three that are extremely close to my heart. The first is Didymos Silver Geckos which took my nearly 18 months to find in the right size. The other are Connecta Baby Carrier and finally there are the Hogs.


I first fell in love with Michael Miller Hedgehog Meadow when I was sourcing fabrics to coordinate with a custom Ocah Baby Carrier I was having made. I loved that sling, so much I ended up with toddler and standard size versions. Next came a custom change bag, change mat, and several accessories to match. The Hogs just made me smile. I was very sad when Henry and then Isaac outgrew their custom carriers.

The vibrancy of the print I have always felt would be perfect for a Connecta Baby Carrier and I have hoped that it would come true. When I was given the opportunity to place an Exclusive order I jumped at the chance. I wanted to order two prints to represent my boys but which were unisex. The Hogs was an easy choice. They are me, they are Henry. Isaac proved harder. I had seen a print while ideally browsing the Michael Miller fabric website (for curtain fabric of all things) and it was then it hit me. This would be perfect too – Bot Dogs or Isaac’s Dogs as they are now called. Isaac loves animals, he especially loves dogs. There is something about Isaac and dogs which mean they just click. One day I am sure he will be a vet.

This exclusive collection of Connecta Baby Carrier will be available only from our website. There are a mix of both designs across all the 3 sizes and including petite straps. There is also some with vanilla coloured straps to coordinate with the hogs. The library will be retaining one Henry’s Hogs in preschool and one Isaac’s Dog in standard for posterity. I hope you love these carriers as much as I do. The first batch will be available to order from Saturday evening with further stock added in the coming weeks.

Are you #henryshogs or #isaacsdogs?


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