Meet our new consultants

Two weeks ago, I wrote to say how I had revisited two days of the Slingababy consultancy training and how it had completely ‘blown my mind’. Of the 6 women completing the course for the first time, 2 were peer supporters with NESL. Madeleine and Suzie had both completed the Born to Carry Peer Support course with me but wanted to develop their skills, both for their own professional development and the benefit of NESL. Many users of the library will have met one or both of these two wonderful women. They are dedicated to the library and firm friends. So this post is about them and gives you the opportunity to learn a little more about them. They are both insured to offer consultations as well as supporting at the sling library.

img_0552Madeleine will be providing consultancy services in North Tyneside, as well as continuing to  provide NESL drop ins in North Shields and, from December, will be running our Killingworth session.

Hello! My name is Madeleine, I am 25 and I am a single mummy to Georgina  (3), as well as my fur baby, Luna the Westie (3.5)!
I am a qualified level 3 Personal Trainer, specialised in pre/postnatal fitness and the owner of Slinga Fitness having begun this almost 2 years ago. I didn’t decide to start carrying Georgina until she was at least 6 months old, but made the choice to help improve the bond I had with her. Unfortunately, circumstances involving domestic abuse meant I felt very disconnected & was pretty depressed! Wrapping particularly was the starting point as it was something I could focus my attention on. This progressed as I realised I was able to get about easier with the carriers and able to improve my fitness too, which was pretty poor at the time; hence the training & eventual creation of Slinga Fitness!
Two local ladies from when I was based in Reading helped encourage my fascination with babywearing! A lady called Holly with wraps & Kristina introducing my love of Tula! Official training then followed with a ‘Born to Carry’ Peer Supporter course with the wonderful Rachel, who gave me the incredible opportunity to work under the North East Sling Library name as part of the team which has been fab! I used to love woven wrapping, and love a stretchy wrap, but my speciality definitely falls with structured carriers now. I love the ease of them, enabling more people to babywear due to the simplicity & accessibility they offer as there are just so many!
I have chosen to train as a Slingababy Consultant, as I wanted to add to my knowledge further within the sling library, but also to affirm that the babywearing fitness classes I operate to be the best they can be for both parent & baby. I hope that the course allows me to confidently offer 1:1 consults as well as ensure my babywearing fitness classes continue to be the best, safest & most loved postnatal class of its type. In my spare time I love spending as much time as I can with my daughter which is why I created a business that allows me this! I have just found a love for running this year, completing the GNR too. I am a huge Harry Potter fan & an avid tea drinker!
Next, is Suzie. any local mums will have met Suzie either at sling library sessions or in her professional capacity as a midwife. Suzie will be offering consultations in the East Durham area.suzie tandem
Hi my name is Suzie. I’m a mummy of 2 boys, Theo (3) and Jude (1). Wife to my lovely husband Wayne and midwife for 8 years and counting. When I had Theo there were complications which meant he was delivered via Caesarean section and I suffered from anxiety and low mood.
My husband was in the army so after 2 weeks of paternity it was just me and Theo literally on our own! I contacted the North East Sling Library and Rachel came to our house, we hired a close caboo and as they say the rest is history! I loved carrying him that much that by 6 months I was carrying him full time as it felt more convenient that a pushchair. I attended some workshops organised by NESL including how to use ring slings, back wrapping and baby wearing peer support. I have also learnt a lot by watching YouTube videos, including Wrap You In Love and from the babywearing community in general. I have chosen to train as a consultant because I love carrying my children, the bond and closeness it has brought me. How easily they can be soothed and settled.
Also, I hope to be able to initiate and normalise using songs safely within maternity care and the positive effects it can have on both mum and baby. To also be able to initiate babywearing where there are complication, for example baby is premature, requires oxygen or hip problems.
I can 100% say that my specialty when it comes to slings is wraps! I have far too many wraps but I love them all. But wraps to me are like shoes to Louboutin’s to others!!! As a babywearing consultant I hope to help families out when carrying their children. Especially those who require specialised help.
In my extra time when I’m not working, I love going out with my boys. We’re usually always on the go. My mum made a huge life change and moved to the North East in 2014 and she means the word to us, so we love going to see her and going out and about with her too. I also have a love/hate relationship with running but it keeps me sane. I also own my own lipstick franchise as I’m also a little bit of a makeup addict.
Suzie x
img_0532To book a consultation with any of us all you need to do is visit our booking site or email us at
Madeleine and Suzie are also cooking up some plans to provide even more services to sling library users. Watch this space.

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