Exactly who am I then?

I am Rachel but exactly who am I? Well basic stats I am 31, 5’10 and 10 stone. I mum of two boys and a wife. I am a qualified history teacher but no longer teach; instead I am a Stay at Home Mum. But is that me? Am I destined to be doing the school run and mums taxi for next 15 years or so?

Well I am also a Carrying Consultant and Sling Librarian. I suppose that makes me a business woman. After all I had to register as self employed when I started the library in 2011. I have trained with three UK Babywearing schools, I write for Close Enough to Kiss, blog and moderate for Natural Mamas, have maintained the sling directory for UK Sling Libraries Network since 2011 and for past year acted as Calin Bleu’s expert. I recently took on a directorship of The Up Baby Project UK CIC. Finally I am also a course tutor for Born to Carry helping educate the next generation of peer supporters.

My life is therefore a full one but plagued by anxiety. I can’t help but feel something is missing from it and that others want me to fail. So, if you ask me how I am I may say busy or I may burst into tears. Am I happy? I am. I just need to get the demons put back in their box.

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