Nuby Breast Pump donation


Yesterday, I went to the HQ of Nuby UK to collect 49 brand new Nuby Natural Touch Rhythm Breast Pumps. These have been donated to the sling library and we are able to decide what to do with them. NESL are pro-choice in terms of how mothers feed their babies, so were delighted to by Nuby’s offer. Nuby have recently redesigned and are launching  a new pump and did not want these to go to waste. Their focus is on providing  mothers with choice and providing an affordable breast pump.

The pumps are brand new and in their boxes and retail at between £68-85.

Key features:

  • Dual action Electric breast pump set. Product supplied with UK plug and English instructions only.
  • Adapter to allow for use as a manual pump
  • Memorizes personalized rhythm, fast rhythm to encourage milk flow; slow to express gently
  • Flex Neck silicone Horn and hygienic cover
  • Breast pump standing cradle
  • Includes 150ml bottle , a silicone storage lid, 6 disposable breast pads, Breastpump standing cradle

breast pump

We would like these pumps to go to families who may not be able to afford a new pump, have babies who are unwell or who would simply benefit from them. A small number are also being donated to another sling library and other causes.

How can I get one?

Well, as many of you know I started running last year. In March I am running 10 miles, and then in May I am completing the Sunderland 1/2 marathon before the Blaydon Race in June and the Great North Run in September. As a novice runner, I am both excited and slightly dreading these in equal measure. A pump can be yours for a small donation of whatever you can afford. These will be I intend to continue to fundraise for Medicine Sans Frontier, Mind and the sling library itself. As a minimum I am hoping to raise £400 but I am sure we could raise more.

There are several ways to donate.

  1. In person at the Saturday Sling Library sessions – collect your pump and donate.
  2. Via our Just Giving crowdfunding page.

Once donations are received, get in touch and we can arrange collection of the pump. I will split the donations once received and send to the two charities. I will update the fundraising page with how many pumps are left, when we reach/exceed our target and when fundraising is closed.


Carriers for All Campaign

charlotteI’m a little scared to share this but today I launched my first ever crowdfunding project. The aim of the North East Sling Library is to help as many families as possible in the North East to carry their babies big and small. In the nearly  6 years we have been running we have never applied for any form of funding and have self-funded from my savings in the early days and now day to day costs (insurance, new stock, etc) are covered by fees, so this is all very new for us. But I have a very specific plan and this blog is to tell you more.

We currently charge £5 for 2 weeks hire and £8 for 4 weeks (as of 1st May 2017 this will rise to £7 and £10). This can be reduced for families in receipt of means tested benefits (you can read more about this in our mission statement) but I know there are still families who could benefit from our help. This is where crowdfunding comes in.


We have launched a Carriers for All Campaign  with GoFundMe. We are looking to raise £300 to help create a dedicated library of slings that can be hired free of charge for 3 months (and then at a nominal fee of £5 per month) for families with children with additional needs or life limiting conditions, or families experiencing PND (although we may be able to help other families too – the more help we receive the wider our remit can be). We have spent the last 18 months or so sharing stories of how our carriers (or a carrier) has helped families in a number of different situations. Here is a chance to be able to help even more. Families will need to be referred to us via a Health Care Provider (GP, HV, MW, Physio etc). Although, if you see a family you think would benefit but don’t fall under HCP category do send us an email ( and we can see if we can help. Further details of how to apply will be added to our website in the next few days.

We need your help. We initially want to raise £300 but the more we can raise the more families we can help. GoFundMe, unlike some crowd funding sites, pays out any donations, so this is very much an every penny counts project. This money will be used to buy carriers that can be used from birth (including premature baby) to preschool and beyond. There a number of thank you rewards available but we truly hope that people can see the benefit in this project.

I want to say thank you for the bottom of my heart and urge you to support us. To help our campaign just visit our GoFundMe page. It would be amazing if you can share the link too!

Best Wishes


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Two months in and a New Years resolution check in.

In January, I blogged about New Years resolutions. The theory behind them, success rates and the categories they typically fall in to. Most importantly though, I explained what my resolution was. How are your resolutions going or have they been forgotten about? Two months down the line, I thought it was time for a little update on mine.

The day I wrote this blog I was very good. I sorted out which slings I wanted to sell. I put them to one side and then, I left them. The actual thought of listing them for sale made me feel sick. Despite the fact that Isaac turns 5 in April I couldn’t do it.  But, I said I would so I had to. 

So last Saturday afternoon I listed them for sale. The prospect of measuring each one and getting action shots was too much. Therefore, I simply listed as a group “flat shot” and said measurements and action shots available on request. A week later two are sold and with their forever homes and two remain. I will get there, they will be sold. My bank balance is looking a little healthier already.

It is a sad day when you accept your babies are not babies anymore. But, I am extremely proud of what they have grown into.

Slings, clothes, toys and the new Milk Tray Man.

Today has been a long day (I got up at 4 am and on the train at 5am – but this did mean I got lots of admin done). I am tired but it has been worth it. Today, I have been to London and been introduced to the world of media companies and parenting awards: I have been a guest expert judge. Not something I ever thought I would say when I founded NESL. But, over the last 5.5 years I have worked hard to develop a reputation as a trusted voice; today is a culmination of the hardwork and determination I have put in to building up the sling library.

In August 2016, I was contacted by Hazelann from Made For Mums after commenting on a thread on their Facebook page and since then I have been helping them with sling related questions, and am looking forward to continuing to do so. This led to an email inviting me to act as an expert guest judge. I am img_0775eternally grateful to have they employer for allowing me to have the morning off work in order to attend. The Made for Mum Awards will be known by many as the Prima Baby Awards. We have been judging lots of categories: infant footwear, sleep products, maternity clothes, and of course slings, to name just a few. Other categories were judged yesterday too. You can see which brands have been shortlisted and help by taking part in the online voting by clicking this link.

My fellow judges came from the world of journalism, midwifery, medicine and even the new Milk Tray Man (and yes he bought us chocolates but wasn’t wearing the trademark black polo neck sweater). The thing that united us: we are all parents. I was able to demo how to use the carriers, many of which my other judges had not previously seen. The team from MFM even filmed me demoing how to tie a stretchy wrap, this will be on their Facebook page soon.

It has been an amazing day. I have had a glimpse inside a world I didn’t know existed and loved every minute of it. Now, as I sit drinking a cup of tea and watch the darkness flash by, I am feeling very honoured to have been part of an amazing day. Thank you so much to the MFM’s team for inviting me and a huge thank you for letting me bring a couple of bits home for me and my boys, but most importantly for allowing me to bring home a new carrier for the sling library: the Mountain Buggy Juno Carrier (although currently missing its newborn insert as I forgot to put it in the box). I am sure this will be a very popular addition to our stock and it is available to hire now!

Encouraging reading – our ideas

Henry and Isaac have always liked books and words but they are not that keen on reading when they have books sent home. Their school uses the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme to teach reading. I was a little worried about helping them as I didn’t learn phonics but we are getting there.

So what do we do?

1) We have read them bed time stories since they were babies.

  • Letting them ask questions
  • Asking them questions about what they have heard
  • Making predictions about what might happen next

2) We read street and shop signs etc when we are out and about.

3) We ask friends and family members to read with them when they come to visit, rather than it always being me or hubby. They can even read to the dog if necessary. Here is Henry reading to the “dog” during our New Years Eve visit to Seven Stories in Newcastle.

4) I ask the boys to read to each other. This can be their school reading books or a book/magazine of their choice.

Yesterday, in an attempt to encourage two tired boys to read their school book before bed I asked Henry if he would like to go live via my Facebook profile, he jumped at the chance. He seemed to like the fact he was reading to not just me. I then asked Isaac if he wanted to do the same and he did. Technology has its disadvantages but at times like last night it was perfect. During the live broadcast my mum and sister (both who live 160 miles away), and friends from around the country were able to watch, comment and like, giving Henry instant feedback on what he was doing and encouragement to carry on – perfect.

Here he is reading to me: Reading Live