I am supporting The UP Baby Project


On Monday 2nd February at 8pm The UP Baby Project CIC launched its Crowdfunder page. I am a director of The UP Baby Project and this is a personal plea to all of you. The UP Baby Project is a Community Interest Company which aims to bring slings and carriers, and the knowledge how to use them, to families in need. Our mission is ‘Carrying Children, Supporting Families’. Our Crowdfunder page had raised 50% of our total in 3 hours and 100% of our a target in less than 72 hours. We are now stretching our target in a hope to raise even more money. The money we raised in our initial 3 days will help fund our work while we apply for funding from other organisations. The additional funding we make over our target, will allow us to train even more consultants across the country in our policies and procedures and get them advanced DBS checked.

Want to see who we help? Then watch our crowd funder video. 

Our initial target was £1550! We are currently at £1898 and we still have 23 days of the crowd funder page left to go. Can we reach our stretch target? £4050 and train 50 more consultants? Please if you can #supportUP. There are 99 people currently supporting us in our crowd. Help us to help more families in need by pledging. There are some amazing rewards available and pledges as low as £5. With cut price slings, covers, consults, sling hire etc there is something for you. Even just an anonymous donation! Please help and remember #theonlywayisUP

Thank you


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