Keeping warm and dry with the BellyFit adapter: Feel good in your own jacket

detail_Belly%20Fit  The BellyFit is a soft shell zip-in panel, with optional zip adapter, that zips in to expand your existing jacket during pregnancy and baby-carrying. Lovingly made in Montreal, Canada. 

In the 5 years I have been carrying I think I have tried every variation of keeping me and my baby dry. I’ve tried covers, coats, ponchos, carrying over normal coats you name it and eventually I did settle on a babywearing coat. My trusty coat however is showing signs of age. This is its forth winter and although perfect for back carries, the Velcro  that closes the gap on my back for when I am front carrying has long since lost its stick. However my normal coat is warm and toasty for me but there wasn’t enough room for me and Isaac. Therefore when I was given the opportunity to test the BellyFit adapter by Makemybellyfit I was eager to try it out.wpid-wp-1423767234301.jpeg

The BellyFit is a zip in panel which turns any zipped coat into a pregnancy or baby carrying coat. It is suitable for front carries only. My baby is nearly 3 and I was amazed by how roomy it was. I think this surprised Ben, the founder.  I assume he sees his target market as small babies and bumps but I was pleasantly surprised by how well it works with older babies too. I was sent the soft shell zip in panel and an additional optional warmth layer. The zip in panel works without adapters for jackets which have a zip with at least one slider with VISLON and 5VS on the back of it. The website has a very clear Which Adapter section if your coat does not have this type of zip. The questions were easy to follow and help you ensure you buy the right one. When you complete the form they tell you what zip you need to make the adapter work for your jacket. I was lucky I didn’t need one.

VISLON_5VS_REQUIREMENTS_mediumThe zip in panel works with coats that have a zip of between 60 and 80cm, and additional adapters can be purchased if your coat is bigger than this.


Each BellyFit comes also with what the company call a Snaparoo. This snaps onto the outside of panel and is adjustable elastic to help you create a more custom fit. I used this to help narrow the top of panel when Isaac wanted to look out. The height of panel did allow for him to snuggle in and hide when he wanted to go to sleep too. My own jacket has both a zip and popper closure so I was able to fold the BellyFit away and use poppers to do my coat up when I was not carrying Isaac rather than having to add and remove panel.

The BellyFit has a thumbs up from me. Mine was sent direct from manufacter in Canada and they do not currently have a UK Stockist, however, there is a European seller based in Ireland: ItsyBitsy. You can purchase the zip in panel, warmth layer and adapters from this site. The cost of the panel and warmth layer I was sent is 66euros (£48) making it cheaper than a specific babywearing coat. The fact it can be used as a maternity panel also means I feel it is excellent value for money. Well done MakeMyBellyFit, we love the BellyFit.


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