Was this our last slinging Christmas?

Isaac will be 4 in April. We have used a sling since he was 8 hours old but now I think this could have been our last Slinging Christmas. 

Isaac’s 1st Christmas 2012

Tired and over stimulated on Christmas Day we had a 20 minute cuddle before Bed. But we carry no more than maybe once or twice a week now. September he sees him start school. I can’t see him still having cuddles next Christmas. 


Christmas 2015


What age did your children stop being carried? 

Christmas 2013



Christmas 2014

But slings are always useful after little legs decide they can’t scoot any further. Our short walk ended up being a long morning stroll and a meltdown mid walk was solved by a toddler Tula and daddies back meant we solved they meltdown and restored the peace of the morning. 

Post -Christmas stroll 2015

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