Ohhhh, what do we have here? The Preschool Solar Connecta has arrived.

On Thursday lunchtime the door bell of my house rang and stood on step was Andy, the InterLink Express delivery driver who covers my area. He is quite a regular visitor, as he is the man who brings us our Connecta Baby Carrier orders. Connecta are by far the most hired slings in the North East Sling Library and were the most popular carrier in UK sling libraries in 2014. Here he was, once again bringing another package from Connecta HQ, but this time, it was not for the library but for me and Isaac, and something special for our summer holidays. 

Waiting for Isaac to open


The package Andy delivered was a preschool size Connecta Solar carrier. One of the first two in this size anywhere, although you can now buy yours online too for £80. I am a big fan of Connecta Baby Carriers. They are the slings which got me hooked on carrying when I first started.  It was delivered while Isaac was at nursery and the wait to try it/open it was never ending. I had told Isaac we were getting a new sling and he was excited to open it.

What’s in here Mummy?


My new big boy sling!

The Preschool range of Connecta Baby Carrier are tested to 24kg. Isaac at 16.5kg is well within the maximum weight limit, as is his 6 year old brother at 20.5kg.  They have a 20 inch seat allowing for comfortable knee to knee support for bigger children too.  


The preschool carriers were launched in 2014 and I was lucky enough to have one of the testers come and visit here. At present 24kg is the most the carriers can be factory tested to here currently and is roughly the weight of a 7 year old.

Seat width comparisons


Why do I want a preschool carrier? I would think many people want to know why I willingly carry a 3 almost 4 year old and on occasion his 6 year old brother. The answer is simple. Little legs get tired.  Isaac is also a pain to get to sleep (for naps or night time) and a sling is often used to get him to sleep. On holiday where sleep routines are even more disturbed I think our new sling will have a very important role. I will also be travelling on one trip without my Husband. Although I have other family with me, the sling will make the airport easier to negotiate. Our toddler size solar was worth its weight in gold last time I did this and the idea of not having a sling didn’t appeal. 

Toddler solar for a nap in the sun in 2014.


I spoke to Sarah, the owner of Connecta Baby Carrier in the summer of 2015, explaining how next year I was off to Malta and Majorca and wished they had a preschool size Solar Connecta. The Solar fabric is UVA and UVB protective (blocking between 95-99% of harmful rays), extremely light weight and folds so small it fits in my handbag. Limited travel luggage allowances mean I did not want to talk a bulky carrier. I am so excited that my wish came true. The fact it dries quickly, is breathable and has an integrated sun hood makes it perfect for the hot weather. I really can’t wait to try it properly. A full review will be written in August.

Our initial impressions are woo hoo. A brilliant carrier with a sleek design. Supportive enough for big kids but small enough that I can pack it away when not in use.  Isaac will want to walk on holiday but I know he will get tired. This way I know I will be able to carry him when he needs it. Thank you Connecta.


Reconnecting after a day at nursery.


Cuddles with Henry – couldn’t feel he was there.



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