Welcome to our post box

I was just a little excited by a delivery we had this week. A parcel drop box! It’s even red. This box had been purchased to allow out of hours returns a little easier as it does not require me to be in. As you can imagine I spend a considerable amount of my time collecting parcels. I’m on first name terms with 2 different courier delivery drivers, 3 postmen and the sorting office staff.

How does it work?

It is a locked unit, place the parcel on the top draw and then close. Once closed the parcel drops inside and this prevents them from being accessed by anyone without a key.

Where is it?

The box is not positioned next to our front door but fixed to the side of the garage (behind you when you are stood at front door). It is not visible from the road.

Who can use it?

It can be accessed 24/7. Simply ensure your parcel is securely wrapped in waterproof packaging (it is made of metal but not completely waterproof) and labelled with your name (we have several slings that are same colour or due back at same time etc). Please send us a message once you have put your parcel in there so we can collect it.

What about postal returns?

Unfortunately the box won’t necessarily be able to accept all returns as many require a signature.  I will still collect these from the sorting office but those which can be left in a safe place will be put here.

Will my parcel fit?

The vast majority of the parcels we receive are classified as “small parcels” by Royal Mail. They should adequately fit. Those with boxes bigger than 19cm x 35 cm x 26.5cm will too big for the parcel opening (w x h x d). These will need to be returned by post, the box flattened but in way that can be reused or returned to agreed session/time. Most of our slings do not come with the box (they take up too much storage room so I don’t tend to keep them). I have just tried it with one of the newest arrivals and one of the largest boxes we have: the Beco Toddler Cool and it fits!

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