The first week back

So here I am. The end of my first working week after the school holidays and by working week that means going “to work” rather than working for myself. After 3 years of sole self-employment on Monday I started my new job and I have survived the first week! This week also saw Isaac start school too!! How is #demodollisaac big enough?

I am loving each day. I am still finding my rhythm when it comes to replying to messages, posts, texts and emails. I am doing my best. If you haven’t had a reply after a couple of days shout! I am still trying to reply to messages every afternoon and evening. As I am working mornings I am don’t have time to reply first thing anymore. The task of getting me and the boys out of the door for 7.30 is still taking some getting used to.

Our new post box is working brilliantly! I am so glad I got it. If you haven’t seen it or heard about it you can find out more here. The excitement of pulling on the drive and seeing if anything is in the box hasn’t worn off. Just remember to wrap up parcels in something waterproof.

Next week will prove the first challenge while I try to get from school to sessions. I will be there as quickly as I can, I will be on my way!

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