End of an era

I think the day has finally one where we are no longer a family who sling. Last year I wondered if it had been our last slinging Christmas and I think it was. I asked Isaac if he would like a photo in a sling in front of the tree and he said no. 

I carried him off the plane in our preschool Henrys Hogs Connecta after our trip to Lapland but I only managed this as he was asleep

He would not have chosen it himself. He is nearly 5. We have had thousands of ‘sling cuddles’ etc but doesn’t stop you hoping there might be just one more. Slings have been a part of my  tool kit for almost 7 years and I am sad that they are stopping.

Here are to the next adventures we have. But instead of being on Mummy’s back they will and hand in hand. Although a more accurate description will be me running after Henry and Isaac as they run at full speed into everything they do. 

My love affair with wraps won’t stop. When I am not carrying other people’s babies, I will make do with my ever increasing ‘wrap scarves’ collection.

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