Encouraging reading – our ideas

Henry and Isaac have always liked books and words but they are not that keen on reading when they have books sent home. Their school uses the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme to teach reading. I was a little worried about helping them as I didn’t learn phonics but we are getting there.

So what do we do?

1) We have read them bed time stories since they were babies.

  • Letting them ask questions
  • Asking them questions about what they have heard
  • Making predictions about what might happen next

2) We read street and shop signs etc when we are out and about.

3) We ask friends and family members to read with them when they come to visit, rather than it always being me or hubby. They can even read to the dog if necessary. Here is Henry reading to the “dog” during our New Years Eve visit to Seven Stories in Newcastle.

4) I ask the boys to read to each other. This can be their school reading books or a book/magazine of their choice.

Yesterday, in an attempt to encourage two tired boys to read their school book before bed I asked Henry if he would like to go live via my Facebook profile, he jumped at the chance. He seemed to like the fact he was reading to not just me. I then asked Isaac if he wanted to do the same and he did. Technology has its disadvantages but at times like last night it was perfect. During the live broadcast my mum and sister (both who live 160 miles away), and friends from around the country were able to watch, comment and like, giving Henry instant feedback on what he was doing and encouragement to carry on – perfect.

Here he is reading to me: Reading Live

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