Slings, clothes, toys and the new Milk Tray Man.

Today has been a long day (I got up at 4 am and on the train at 5am – but this did mean I got lots of admin done). I am tired but it has been worth it. Today, I have been to London and been introduced to the world of media companies and parenting awards: I have been a guest expert judge. Not something I ever thought I would say when I founded NESL. But, over the last 5.5 years I have worked hard to develop a reputation as a trusted voice; today is a culmination of the hardwork and determination I have put in to building up the sling library.

In August 2016, I was contacted by Hazelann from Made For Mums after commenting on a thread on their Facebook page and since then I have been helping them with sling related questions, and am looking forward to continuing to do so. This led to an email inviting me to act as an expert guest judge. I am img_0775eternally grateful to have they employer for allowing me to have the morning off work in order to attend. The Made for Mum Awards will be known by many as the Prima Baby Awards. We have been judging lots of categories: infant footwear, sleep products, maternity clothes, and of course slings, to name just a few. Other categories were judged yesterday too. You can see which brands have been shortlisted and help by taking part in the online voting by clicking this link.

My fellow judges came from the world of journalism, midwifery, medicine and even the new Milk Tray Man (and yes he bought us chocolates but wasn’t wearing the trademark black polo neck sweater). The thing that united us: we are all parents. I was able to demo how to use the carriers, many of which my other judges had not previously seen. The team from MFM even filmed me demoing how to tie a stretchy wrap, this will be on their Facebook page soon.

It has been an amazing day. I have had a glimpse inside a world I didn’t know existed and loved every minute of it. Now, as I sit drinking a cup of tea and watch the darkness flash by, I am feeling very honoured to have been part of an amazing day. Thank you so much to the MFM’s team for inviting me and a huge thank you for letting me bring a couple of bits home for me and my boys, but most importantly for allowing me to bring home a new carrier for the sling library: the Mountain Buggy Juno Carrier (although currently missing its newborn insert as I forgot to put it in the box). I am sure this will be a very popular addition to our stock and it is available to hire now!

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