Kindness of individuals

Today saw the launch of The Diana Award’s National Kindess Day and this blog is about the small acts of kindess that make a big difference. 

The last few weeks have been pretty rubbish for me. I have been quite unwell and have spent a period of time in hospital and time recovering at home. While the doctors try to work out what has caused me to be in so much pain, I have been feeling quite lonely. I have been unable to work or run the library. Thankfully my super star team of admin have been brilliant. 

However, on Tuesday evening I was feeling particularly rubbish. My husband was away. My tummy was swollen and I was sore. I turned to the library Facebook group and simply said, “I need cheering up, show me your carried babies or simple similes”. The group did not fail to disappoint.

Quickly photos were added to the thread. They weren’t all pictures of babies being carried. Some showed babies carrying their dolls and even a pair of feet. What they all shared was their ability to make me smile. They gave me something positive to look at while I await blood test results.


The sling library has brought so many people together. It is more than just slings. It’s a community who can be called upon to help. The kindness of the individuals who shared their photos sums up what the library is about. It isn’t just about carrying but friends, friendship and being there through thick and thin.

Thank you everyone for being so amazing and so supportive. I will be back to fighting form soon but until then I know there is a whole group of like-minded parents who I can turn to for support.

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