Two months in and a New Years resolution check in.

In January, I blogged about New Years resolutions. The theory behind them, success rates and the categories they typically fall in to. Most importantly though, I explained what my resolution was. How are your resolutions going or have they been forgotten about? Two months down the line, I thought it was time for a little update on mine.

The day I wrote this blog I was very good. I sorted out which slings I wanted to sell. I put them to one side and then, I left them. The actual thought of listing them for sale made me feel sick. Despite the fact that Isaac turns 5 in April I couldn’t do it.  But, I said I would so I had to. 

So last Saturday afternoon I listed them for sale. The prospect of measuring each one and getting action shots was too much. Therefore, I simply listed as a group “flat shot” and said measurements and action shots available on request. A week later two are sold and with their forever homes and two remain. I will get there, they will be sold. My bank balance is looking a little healthier already.

It is a sad day when you accept your babies are not babies anymore. But, I am extremely proud of what they have grown into.

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