Summer Slings and Keeping Safe in The Sun

Love this blog by Dr Rosie Knowles from Sheffield. I am being asked a lot about wearing in heat. Although as I sit in car while my son has rugby practise with a temp of 6oC on the car thermometer and it’s pouring with rain summer and heat (other than that coming from car heaters) are far from my mind.

Sheffield Sling Surgery - Consultancy and Library

“Can I carry my baby in this heat? We are getting way too hot with our sling!” is a question I am asked many times in the few warmer months we get in the UK. Babies are warm little creatures, and in the summer humidity, they can feel like hot-water bottles on your chest. Many parents stop using their slings in the summer as they don’t enjoy the sweatiness and stickiness that can come with hot-weather babywearing, and then miss the closeness. Sometimes children insist on being carried, so you get hot anyway, or pushchairs aren’t an option.. so what is a parent to do?Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 23.04.04 First of all, don’t worry. You won’t overheat your baby by carrying him.. women in far hotter climes than the UK carry their children daily and come to no harm. The body is able to thermoregulate appropriately. However, there are a few things you can do to make…

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