Things I am not…

Just re blogging this as couldn’t agree more

The Little Patch

I’m not a Hippie!

Nor am I;
a ‘Crunchy Mom’!
an Attachment Parent!
an Earth Mother!
a Dolphin Parent (no really!)
Everywhere I look on the Internet lately, people are given labels!
I’m sure the people who pass me, out on my walks with our two dogs and Pookie tied to my back, make their assumptions about me! Maybe they even have a name for me. I know I’m guilty of such things…take the running man with long dreadlocked hair I used to pass daily on my way to work or the lady we called Heidi who wore ‘different’ clothes to us and cycled everywhere with her two children in a trailer on the back of her bike. They both came up in conversations years later along with stereotypical views on their lifestyle.
Well now I feel a little guilty for making assumptions, putting labels on people and putting…

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