Why does a bit of fabric mean so much?

Just over two years ago I wrote this blog for the Natural Mamas website: “But it’s just a bit of cloth“.  Since then many more bits of cloth have made it into this house. Isaac is now 3.5 and not carried as much but when he is I still love the flexibility of a woven wrap and often a ring sling too. The memories are even more special the more infrequent they become.

I have owned lots of different wraps but can I make a confession? I have never owned a handwoven, a Pamir or an Artipoppe for example.  Although I have holidayed and played with some of them. I haven’t wanted to own one. That does not mean I have always brought standard line wraps and have owned some limited editions and harder to find slings. My beloved Didymos Silver Geckos 6 took 18 months to find.  This lack of High End wraps doesn’t make me any less or more of a wrapper than someone who has only ever used a SPOC or a budget brand. We are carrying our children. That is all that matters. We are holding them close when it matters.

Wrapping has helped me stay sane. From the early days of a Velcro reflux baby, to wake up from naps, during post op recovery, to mundane things of walking the dog and doing the school run. It has let Isaac attend social events from the security of mummies back. Even today at 3.5 he was a little daunted by an event. But cuddles in our ring sling let him get used to where he was before he chose to go and play.

This week however I have taken delivery of a Woven Wings Leaf Gold Geo and paid for a Pavo Textiles wrap.

The WW is for the sling library  but the Pavo is for me. Why have I just brought it? Well it is called Coy Hearts. My surname is Coy.  I felt it would be the perfect way for us to end our carrying journey. I just hope Isaac has the same feelings. I suppose it will be a legacy wrap. Lots of people want to know what their legacy wrap is. Often believing it has to be the one release on the day their baby was born. It what if you don’t like it? What if there wasn’t one?  A legacy wrap can be anything if you like it, anything that means something to you. I am dreading the day our carrying journey comes to an end. So I suppose I should enjoy the cuddles while I can and make the most of them.

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