New Year, New blog (well sort of)


So its January 1st. Happy New Year. Welcome 2017 and welcome to a slight change of name for the NESL blog. We have been using a free WordPress domain for two years. Yesterday I bought us a new .blog address. But, as I want to write about more than just slings and as my own slinging journey is complete – today I worked out which slings I want to list for sale – I have chosen something a little more open. Please welcome our new blogging  home.

I will still be writing about slings, parenting and babywearing education, but I might have a little more flexibility in what I write. I hope you like it. I have also had a play and added an ‘upcoming events’ tab to the blog too. This is linked to our google calendar, so (in theory) should update when I make updates to it.

Happy New Year everyone.

Best Wishes



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