Nuby Breast Pump donation


Yesterday, I went to the HQ of Nuby UK to collect 49 brand new Nuby Natural Touch Rhythm Breast Pumps. These have been donated to the sling library and we are able to decide what to do with them. NESL are pro-choice in terms of how mothers feed their babies, so were delighted to by Nuby’s offer. Nuby have recently redesigned and are launching  a new pump and did not want these to go to waste. Their focus is on providing  mothers with choice and providing an affordable breast pump.

The pumps are brand new and in their boxes and retail at between £68-85.

Key features:

  • Dual action Electric breast pump set. Product supplied with UK plug and English instructions only.
  • Adapter to allow for use as a manual pump
  • Memorizes personalized rhythm, fast rhythm to encourage milk flow; slow to express gently
  • Flex Neck silicone Horn and hygienic cover
  • Breast pump standing cradle
  • Includes 150ml bottle , a silicone storage lid, 6 disposable breast pads, Breastpump standing cradle

breast pump

We would like these pumps to go to families who may not be able to afford a new pump, have babies who are unwell or who would simply benefit from them. A small number are also being donated to another sling library and other causes.

How can I get one?

Well, as many of you know I started running last year. In March I am running 10 miles, and then in May I am completing the Sunderland 1/2 marathon before the Blaydon Race in June and the Great North Run in September. As a novice runner, I am both excited and slightly dreading these in equal measure. A pump can be yours for a small donation of whatever you can afford. These will be I intend to continue to fundraise for Medicine Sans Frontier, Mind and the sling library itself. As a minimum I am hoping to raise £400 but I am sure we could raise more.

There are several ways to donate.

  1. In person at the Saturday Sling Library sessions – collect your pump and donate.
  2. Via our Just Giving crowdfunding page.

Once donations are received, get in touch and we can arrange collection of the pump. I will split the donations once received and send to the two charities. I will update the fundraising page with how many pumps are left, when we reach/exceed our target and when fundraising is closed.


18 thoughts on “Nuby Breast Pump donation

  1. Stef says:


    I just donated to your crowdfunding page and am hopeful I’m not too late to get a nuby pump? I’m attending the event at the Thought Foundation on 3 March so could collect then?

    With many thanks


      • Stef says:

        Hello there,

        Hope the training is going well. The Thoughtful Parenting Fair has been postponed due to the weather but I’m quite keen to get pumping soon so I can get my daughter used to a bottle before I go back to work. Is there somewhere else I could collect the pump from this weekend?

        Thanks Stef

      • Stef says:

        Hi Rachel

        Sorry for not replying. I thought I’d set up to receive email notifications when you added comments on this blog post but must’ve done something wrong. Weather is still a bit iffy near me so I’ll maybe drop you a text when it’s improved and arrange something if that’s okay? I’ll use the mobile number below.

  2. Ciara says:

    HI Rachel,

    I’ve just donated! A great idea and hopefully I’m not too late for a pump..

    Like Stef I’m attending the Thought Foundation event in March so could collect then.

    Thanks and best of luck!


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